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  • They have held 5 positions in 2 companies.
  • Currently they hold 4 active positions and 7 inactive positions.
Most recent company in which they participate


  • Consejero

Their most recent appointment is on 24 de June de 2016, in ZUFRISA SA, where they hold the position of Consejero.

With registered office in Zaragoza, it undertakes its business in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice... sector.

  • 36 employees
  • 10.33 mill. € turnover
  • Located in ZARAGOZA


Their termination as Apoderado mancomunado was published in the BORME on 14 de January de 2019.

The Companies Registry recorded their termination as Consejero on 14 de January de 2019.

On 14 de January de 2019, the employment of Gene Roig Jaume was terminated with the company INDULLEIDA SA, where they participated as Presidente.

They ended their participation as Vicepresidente of this company in October de 2018.

On 20 de October de 2009 their appointment as Apoderado mancomunado of this company was published in the BORME.

On 20 de October de 2009 their appointment as Consejero of this company was included in the Companies Register.

Their activity as INDULLEIDA SA in the company Vicepresidente ended in October de 2009.

On April de 2002 they were appointed as Apoderado mancomunado of this company.

On June de 2001 they ended their participation as Vicepresidente in this company.

They left their position of Consejero of this company in June de 2001.

This company has its registered office in Lleida and works in the la adquisición, transformación, industrialización y comercialización de toda clase de productos agrarios la producción, distribución y venta de energía eléctrica... sector.

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