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      The Official Gazette of Spanish Companies House (BORME) is the main official source of information about commercial companies. It shows all updates related to companies registered with Spanish Companies House, and their directors and business administrators. As we are directly connected to the virtual platform of the Official State Gazette, we can provide you with official information in real time.

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      • Filed Annual Accounts
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      • Movements of capital
      • Appointments and dismissals of directors
      • Other changes published in the BORME

      Additional information

      The Official Gazette notices on company information are grouped as follows:

      Notices on incorporation:
      • Incorporation
      • Sole proprietor
      • First branch of the company abroad
      Notices related to capital:
      • Seasoned equity offering
      • Reduction of capital
      • Payment of called-up capital
      • Agreement to increase social capital (pending implementation)
      • First branch of the company abroad
      • Capital increase
      Notices related to directors or business administrators:
      • Appointments
      • Revocations
      • Modification of powers
      • Re-elections
      • Ex-officio cancellation of appointments
      Company information notices:
      • Incorporation
      • Change of legal address
      • Change of registered name
      • Company conversion
      • Subsidiary opening
      • Subsidiary closure
      • Sole proprietor
      • First branch of the company abroad
      • Change of legal form
      Activity notices:
      • Incorporation
      • Change of business activity
      • Sole proprietor
      • Expansion of the company purpose
      • First branch of the company abroad
      Notices related to filing requirements:
      • Article 378.5 of the Company Register Regulations
      • Filing of Annual Accounts
      • Balance sheets
      Notices related to procedures:
      • Merger through acquisition
      • Merger of equals
      • Temporary receivership
      • Bankruptcy
      • Dissolution
      • Termination
      • Provisional closure of register entry
      • Reopening of register entry
      • Partial division
      • Total division
      • Global assignment of assets and liabilities
      • Bankruptcy status
      • Plan for merger through acquisition
      • Plan for merger of equals
      • Segregation plan
      • Partial division plan
      • Total division plan
      • Closure of register entry
      • Reopening of register entry
      • Cancellations of filed plans for merger through acquisition
      • Cancellations of filed plans for segregation
      • Cancellations of filed plans for full division
      • Cancellations of filed plans for partial division
      • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
      • Division of companies
      • Assignment of companies
      • Dissolution of companies
      Informative notices:
      • Bonds issued
      • Statutory modifications
      • Modification of duration
      • Other company notices
      • Company adaptation
      • Errata
      • Adaptation Law 2/95
      • Irrecoverable loans
      • Company reactivation
      • Declaration of sole proprietorship
      • Loss of sole proprietorship
      • Preventive notices
      • Sole proprietorship
      • Errata
      • Calls to meetings of shareholders
      • Declarations of insolvency
      • Companies reactivation
      • Other notices and legal warnings
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