Infoempresa provides you with identification, commercial, financial and legal data for all companies operating in Spain.

  • Reliable Reliable Registry sources which guarantee the reliability of our reports.
  • clear Clear Visual format to quickly find out a company's situation.
  • Immediate Immediate You ask for it, you have it. Reports delivered by email in less than 15 minutes.
  • Flexible Flexible You define the content and choose the format (PDF or Excel).
Discover the business information products we offer:

Annual Accounts

Official documents deposited by each company in the Companies Registry. You can purchase them in PDF or Excel format depending on what you want to do with them. Data that you can use.

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Annual Accounts

COMPLETE Company Report

All the data of a company in a single report: from the company’s identification data to the advanced financial analysis. Check who you are doing business with.

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Financial Report

Director report

The director report lets you analyse the career of any director based on the companies with which they are and/or have been associated.

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Director report

Defaults and debts Report
(RAI / ASNEF Empresas)

The official defaults report for all companies. The best way of ensuring that your potential clients or providers have no solvency problems. Avoid risks.

Consult RAI / ASNEF Empresas
RAI / ASNEF Empresas

Map of Directors

Quickly see who is who in the corporate world, graphically and interactively. The intelligent search engine and advanced filters allow you to quickly identify relationships between directors and see the businesses they share.

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Certificate of Annual Accounts
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