Map of Directors

Interactively explore the relationships between directors of companies in Spain.

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Identify the directors of every company in Spain and see all their connections graphically. The first interactive tool with advanced filters to effectively explore the contacts that interest you.

Research influences

Connect with managers and trace routes of influence: the intelligent feature will help you determine the most direct links. Get a quick idea of the business links between them.

Discover relationships

Verify the levels of relationship between managers and find out all the businesses they share in Spain. Who do they really share with?

The Map of Directors is the only tool on the market that lets you
explore the relationships between companies and directors, and between the directors themselves,
interactively, visually and quickly:

  • Predictive search: to locate the director you are interested in.
  • Advanced filters: to display existing connections based on the commercial situation of the company, years in business, city, share capital, turnover, no. of employees, type of position, etc.
  • Listing - overview: to quickly assess the relevance of the information you are viewing.
  • Calculation of jumps: to determine the most direct route between directors.
  • Map archive: to save your research and keep it for future reference or share it with anyone you wish.
  • Alerts: to be notified of director and company changes by real time!
  • Basic Reports: to download more complete information while you are browsing the Map.
Map of Directors

Find out who's who in the business world, identify the main players
and focus on the relationships that are really relevant for your professional activities!

Enjoy 1 month free of charge With no obligation. Cancel at any time.
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  • Download lists of connections No Yes
  • Save maps No Yes

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A carefully thought-out tool used by CEOs,
business managers,CFOs, HR directors,
journalists, detectives, etc.

  • An innovative and pioneer tool in the infomedia market". Forbes
  • This is a simple and mandatory tool to understand the connections between Spanish professionals". Juan Arús, Director of Fleet People
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