Basic company report

With basic company report you have access all general information of any Spanish company.

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      The basic company report contains:

      • Company identification information: registered business name and previous business names, legal type, company status, Tax Code, registered business address, telephone number, web page, date of establishment and years in business, annual accounts registered, year-end date, company capital, number of employees (interval), turnover (interval), map of location.
      • Company activity: Previous business activity, CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities), SIC, business activity and previous business activities
      • Business Information (BORME – Official Gazette of Spanish Companies House): Corresponding business register, registration details, most recent BORME notice, summary of business notices by year and categorised by type and degree of importance, details of business notices by type.
      • Directors and business administrators: Current positions, previous positions.
      • Domains
      • This product is based on the public information of a company.

      Do you need more info?

        The complete company report allows you to assess the financial health of a company to get an overview of its situation without having to consult different data sources. It contains all the financial, commercial and legal information of the company available in official public records that guarantee the reliability of the reports compiled.

        Complete company Report


      VAT not included See example

      Infoempresa guarantee

      • Reliable information from Spanish Companies House and other official sources updated daily.
      • Clear layout ensures quick understanding of company situation.
      • A comprehensive data base: more than 3 million Spanish companies.
      • On-demand delivery: you receive your report in a matter of minutes!
      • All consulted documents remain available in your User Area: buy once; download as many times as you like!

      Which data sources do we use? uses different sources of company information that guarantee the reliability of the reports we provide:

      • The Official Gazette of Spanish Companies House
      • Bad debt and default registers (RAI / ASNEF Empresas)
      • Annual accounts depository
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