Lists of Spanish companies

Request a custom list of companies for quick and easy access all the commercial, trading and financial information of the Spanish companies you are interested in.

With you can create lists of Spanish companies using different parameters

  • Lists of companies by economic activity sector, CNAE (national classification system) or SIC:

    search for information on companies in a specific sector or with a specific activity profile.
  • Lists of companies by location:

    focus on one or more autonomous communities, provinces or towns in Spain.
  • Lists of companies by turnover:

    access information on companies with a specific turnover:
    • Less than 2 million euros
    • Between 2 and 10 million euros
    • Between 10 and 50 million euros
    • Less than 50 million euros
    • More than 50 million euros
  • Lists of companies by number of employees:

    for information on companies of a specific size:
    • No employees
    • Between 1 and 9 employees
    • Between 10 and 49 employees
    • Between 50 and 249 employees
    • More than 249 employees
  • Lists of companies by years in business:

    find companies established within a certain timeframe.
Use one or more parameters to create your own personalised list of companies. Let us know if you would like any different parameter options!

Analyse your business environment and pinpoint new business opportunities.

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A custom list of companies to meet different needs.

We recommend our lists for:

  • Performing sectoral studies
  • Analysing the business environment and competitors
  • Finding potential clients or suppliers
  • Identifying new business opportunities

Infoempresa guarantee

  • Reliable information from Spanish Companies House and other official sources updated daily.
  • A complete database of all Spanish companies and their directors and business administrators.
  • Convenience: receive your list in the format most convenient for you.
For companies within these parameters, we can provide the following details:

Company information

  • Registered Name
  • CIF (Tax code)
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Website

Commercial information

  • Legal form
  • Business activity (CNAE)
  • SIC activity
  • Business activity
  • Number of Employees
  • Date of establishment
  • Links to other companies
  • Most recent BORME official gazette notice (reference, type of notice, date of publication)

Financial information

  • Turnover
  • Year-end results
  • Net worth
  • EBIT
  • Current assets
  • Non-current assets
  • Current liabilities
  • Noncurrent liabilities
  • Credit review
  • Bankruptcy Risk

Information on directors and business administrators

  • Current positions / previous positions
  • Directors and business administrators (name, last name, position)
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