active Date of establishment: 09/02/2018

General info

Registered Name
Legal form
Limited Liability Company (SL)
Date of establishment
Legal address
Not available
Not available
Company status
Business Activity
Constitución (2018-02-09):
Number of Employees
Between 1 and 9 employees
Annual turnover
Less than 2 million euros
Not available

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  • Company information
  • Activity
  • Commercial information
  • Directors (current and non-current roles)
  • Domains
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Key Figures

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Latest movements:

    Name Position Appointment Dismissal

      Latest actions of the BORME (Spanish Official Gazette of the Companies Registry)

        • 12/02/2018 BORME act no.: 67539 Register: GRANADA See official BORME entry

          Apoderado: PRIETO ADORNA ESTRELLA

        • 09/02/2018 BORME act no.: 65808 Register: GRANADA See official BORME entry

          Comienzo de operaciones: 190118 Objeto social: Comercio al mayor,menorDistribució c

          Summary information of the company GERBERA GRANADA SL

          GERBERA GRANADA SL is a company that was established in 09/02/2018. Its company status is active According to its business activity, GERBERA GRANADA SL is dedicated to: Constitución (2018-02-09) .

          GERBERA GRANADA SL has between 1 and 9 employees and less than 2 million euros of annual turnover.

          The company is registered at the Registro Mercantil de Granada. In total, it has 1 registered positions. Its last change published in the BORME was in 12/02/2018 You can check the contact information of GERBERA GRANADA SL (phone number, address, website) in the section of "General Information".

          For more information about GERBERA GRANADA SL you can check one of our Company Reports available, the company's Annual Accounts or check its financial delinquency in one of the main bad debt and default registers, ASNEF Empresas or RAI.

          All the complete financial, commercial and legal information that offers about GERBERA GRANADA SL comes from official sources and it is updated daily. The last relevant change was in 12/02/2018.