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JEPOMAR SL Administrador único

The most recent update in the BORME was on October de 2014. Martinez Rama Delia Irene was appointed as Administrador único.

Their termination as 31 de October de 2014 of this company was published in the BORME on Administrador solidario.

This company has its headquarters in A Coruña and undertakes its business in the repair and maintenance of other transport material... sector.

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    Located in A CORUÑA
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FIOS BERGAN SL Administrador único

They ended their participation as Administrador único of this company in November de 2019.

They work in A Coruña in the la fabricación y comercialización de artículos textiles ampliado en: rehabilitación, comercialización y gestión de inmuebles de uso turístico... sector.

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    Wholesale and retail trade; except repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

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