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Executive summary

ROY SIERRA EVA has held 1 position(s) in 1 company/companies.

Currently he/she holds 1 active position(s) and 0 inactive position(s).

His/her most recent appointment dates from 28/06/2016, in ZUFRISA SA, where ROY SIERRA EVA holds the position of Apoderado mancomunado solidario.

ZUFRISA SA is a company registered at the Registro Mercantil de Zaragoza. Its economic activity by CNAE is 1032 - Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice.

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Key facts of ROY SIERRA EVA

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Economic activity by CNAE of the companies where he/she holds a position:
1032 - Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juice
Companies House where the companies are registered:
Registro Mercantil de Zaragoza
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Companies in which he/she holds/held a position

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      Latest changes published in the BORME of the companies related with ROY SIERRA EVA

      • 01/02/2019 BORME act no.: 48410 Register: ZARAGOZA See official BORME entry
        Otros conceptos

        Cambiada la persona física representante de la consejera "INDULLEIDA, SA"

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